Laden Evenementen

To a rapidly advancing degree many aspects of life are computable, understandable in even quantitative terms, and perhaps can even be made or reproduced in a lab. What is the state of affairs here, and what does this imply for e.g. how we can view the meaning of life?!

On January 20, Veritas Wageningen hopes to organize a forum where we will discuss this with Prof. dr. dr. Wilhelm Huck from RU Nijmegen and Dr. Marnix Medema of the WUR. They will give us different perspectives on this subject based on their expertise and convictions.

This forum will be held in Impulse (WUR campus, building number 115) and will start at 19.30. To make clear how many people are planning to come, we ask you to fill in this form:
We hope to see you then! In the meantime, take a look at our Instagram page (@veritasforumwageningen), here we will also announce any changes to the evening regarding covid-19 measures.